We are liftoff! Time to diversify

Less than 1 hour after the first blog post, my offer of 1 mojo for 1,000 SBX was accepted!

I have not verified this yet but Prada Web5 on twitter has claimed the other side and I am going to trust that unless somebody else comes forward to also claim it.

You can view my 1,000 SBX on xchtoken.org here https://xchtoken.org/coinnameview.php?goback=block&coinname=1165cf60d774604e1e6bd76c33c431827800fb25fd4913a33afc5770380feb2d

The first rule of investing

The first rule of investing is to diversify so I think that would be a good approach going forwards.

I am very interested in getting my hands on some platform coins as they should have utility going into the future. If anybody has some of these and is willing to trade for Spacebucks please contact me on twitter or at 1mojo@pm.me

Platform coins seem the most promising as they could have use cases in the future

Out of the meme coins, Marmot coin is currently the big daddy but I think it is going to be a while before I could afford a whole Marmot.

CryptoShibe Platinum looks like a good opportunity if I can get my hands on some. It has a lower supply than the original CryptoShibe gold.

The second generation of CryptoShibe

CryptoShibe actually has an interesting collection of projects so branching out into this could be a risk worth taking!

CryptoShibe projects

I will try my luck by reaching out to the developers on Discord and see what happens.

Trade offers

Offering 250 Spacebucks for 100 Stickybuns
Offering 25 Spacebucks for 25 Rose

As always, I am open to any trade offers sent to 1mojo@pm.me or on twitter!

Update 1: The 25 Spacebucks for 25 Rose offer has been taken!

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