Selling almost everything for XCH for now

Selling almost everything for XCH for now
Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm / Unsplash

I'm in the later stages of a divorce process and need to list all of my assets in order to fully disentangle my finances from my ex-wife. I knew this was coming but didn't really think about it when I started this project. Oh well.

Photo by Jeremy Bezanger / Unsplash

I could list all of the Spacebucks, Lucky 8 coins, etc.. but it might look a bit weird declaring 1.7 million XIP, 1 million GTH, etc. It would probably be fine but I would rather the process goes smoothly and gets finished as quickly as possible, so have decided to sell most of the CATs for XCH until it's all done. I will keep the Space Marmots, Marvellous Marmots, and Space Cats, and will explain them to the judge if requested.

The timing of this is OK since XCH will be increasing in value soon anyway. The rise may or may not be fuelled by Changelly who have been aware of Chia since late last year.

Indisputable proof that Changelly will support XCH within the next 12 weeks

Changelly support will be fantastic and will make it possible for sites like Chia Explorer and The Chia Plot to embed a HTML widget from which you could purchase XCH.

Changelly can also be used entirely from within a Ledger which will also support Chia at some point later this year.

Trade offers

My misfortune is your opportunity. Here are some trade offers that will allow you to buy some CATs at a competitive price and allow me to simplify my finances for a short while...

717 SBX for 0.003
8300 LKY8 for 0.03 XCH
200 MJV for 0.08 XCH
25 ROSE for 0.002 XCH
1,750,000 XIP of 0.2 XCH
18,500 BUNS for 0.015 XCH
1,000,000 GTH for 0.01 XCH

I will provide more offers in the next blog post.

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