It is lost at Mojodice, what ancient honor won

It is lost at Mojodice, what ancient honor won
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I recently received an email from "Mr. P". He shared an unfortunate story concerning a string of bad luck on Mojodice.

He included a cheeky request for some CryptoShibe Platinum to help recover his situation.

I wanted to help but couldn't just give it to him, so sent him on a little sidequest of his own.

It took him a few hours but he managed to drum up the necessary CSH to accept the offer. The coins have moved around a few times since then. We can only hope that he doesn't gamble away all profits he made from this trade.

👀 on Catkchi

This is an interesting looking project. It has a whitepaper that outlines various initiatives including;

  • An exchange
  • A NFT game
  • Crowdfunding
  • A wallet
  • Stonetrace - Something to do with ID validation and tracing
  • Openplot - A platform for buyers and sellers of plots to transact

All of this is to be funded by Catkchi token sales.

10% goes to developers, 10% to marketing, 30% sold to the public

Every time they sell tokens to the public they do so with a price that is enough to cover their costs and expenses and nothing more than that.

This sounds all fine and dandy, but the first sale already happened last year and they are now trading on so I'm not sure where the price of the coins already floating around fits into all this.

Apparently there will be staking but I'm not sure how that works or if they are going to perform that in a manual way using the "Tokens for staking" outlined in the whitepaper.

Regardless, I'm on the look out for some of these coins but so far none of the prices have been competitive enough. That may make sense as you wouldn't want to invest in a project like this unless you believe the team for the long-haul.

The language barrier is a bit of an issue. I snuck into their discord and popped a trade offer of 10,000 Stickybuns for 10,000 Catkchi. No luck so far.

Scouting offerbin for deals

I'm checking offerbin a few times per day looking for good deals.

8,888 Lucky 8 for 1 Mojo - yes please

This offer of 8,888 Lucky 8 for 1 mojo caught my eye so I accepted it immediately. I can't see much downside to throwing spare mojos at things.

Current portfolio breakdown

CAT Amount Description
SBX 967 Meme coin that promises to be galactic internet money
LKY8 9,388 Meme coin with a lower supply than Spacebucks
MJV 200 Provably fair betting game built on the Chia Blockchain
ROSE 25 Platform token developed by Chives
XIP 2,000,000 A coin that "has absolutely no monetary value"
CSH 10,000 The first CAT in the CryptoShibe collection
CSHP 587 The more exclusive cousin of CryptoShibe Gold
BAKL 3,246 Part of the future PecanRolls ecosystem.
BUNS 30,000 Part of the future PecanRolls ecosystem.
XCH 1.00011111111 The rails for the internet of markets

Next steps

There are a few ideas I'm playing with in order to take this to the next level. One is to try and broker a deal where I could borrow a Marmot coin on 100x leverage. Ideally this would be done in a decentralized way, but we don't have that yet so it might have to be arranged OTC.

Trade offers

I really want to get some Catkchi... this is the offer from discord but I am very open to negotiation in order to get some.


As always, I'm open to any trade offers sent to or on twitter!

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