Latest portfolio valuation

Latest portfolio valuation
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My CAT portfolio has been greatly simplified for reasons outlined in the previous post.

I decided to accelerate the conversion to XCH and made a very good offer that got accepted quickly.

This is one of those situations where life circumstances force you to make decisions that are not necessarily rational but instead save some time or give peace of mind.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
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It's now time to calculate the value of this portfolio to see how far it has come.

Portfolio valuation

CAT Amount Market Value
XCH 0.440111121 $35.2
SM1 1 $256
MMT 1 $184
STC 1 $100
XCH -0.023 -$1.84
USDS -230 -$230

Net value is $343.36 in the money which alleviates any concerns about paying back the 230 USDS borrowed to get the Space Marmot. This will get even better if the price of XCH goes up (which I expect to happen soon).

Next steps

I'm not going to be trading much - if at all - until my current situation is over.

Until then I will still post content such as plans, strategies, and ideas for what will come next.

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