๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿฆ„ FOMOing into Green Wings NFTs

๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿฆ„ FOMOing into Green Wings NFTs
Photo by Lucas Santos / Unsplash

The time has come to start this blog back up, just in time for the NFT standard which is already available on testnet and will hit mainnet soonโ„ข.

Green Wings have released a preview of what we can expect from them on the NFT front and it looks amazing!

NFT0 (testnet only) Green Wings NFT
Green Wings Compassion is a CA Nonprofit organization dedicated to helping compromised and at-risk individuals access quality of life resources.

Considering this is for charity and the NFT looks very promising, and this is the first metaverse project for Chia I have decided to FOMO into this.

How to buy a Green Wings NFT

The NFT1 standard isn't released yet so technically you can't get an NFT yet, however you can get a compassion CAT which is the only way to get a NFT later on.

Compassion CATs can be redeemed for NFTs later on.

It is currently possible to buy a "Founders edition" CAT which is the best value CAT that will ever be offered by Green Wings.

The donate page for Green Wings accepts Paypal and Goby wallet payments. Since I will be paying with XCH I shall take the Goby wallet route!

I have 0.440111121 so can only afford 3 compassion CATs for now. Hopefully this will be enough to get a nice NFT later on. If not I will at least have the Founder's Edition compassion CATs...

Portfolio valuation

CAT Amount Market Value
XCH 0.06915438051 $2.8
SM1 1 $225
MMT 1 $364
STC 1 $63.55
CCFO 3 $0.00??
XCH -0.023 -$1.84
USDS -230 -$230

The total market value (net) is around $423.51

The portfolio is almost entirely CATs that can be redeemed for NFTs. This is fine.

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