The journey from 1 mojo to 1 XCH and other fascinating stories

The journey from 1 mojo to 1 XCH and other fascinating stories
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A couple of days ago I ended a blog post with a note that the increase in value of this portfolio couldn't continue at these crazy rates. I noted that I would be happy with a mere 100% per day return.

I know... I know... I'm probably setting my sights too low in this new age of decentralized de-fi. I just wanted to set a realistic target to avoid disappointment.

That was before I acquired CryptoShibe Platinum and sold some of it for 1 XCH... on twitter!

If you tweet offers to me I might just accept them

This was quite an exciting moment. To go from 1 mojo to 1 XCH in 48 hours.

Then suddenly something else happened...

Surprise bakery delivery!?

At around the same time as the offer of 1 XCH for 500 CSHP another tweet appeared - this time from PecanRolls.

Of course I was hungry.

Special delivery of Baklava from PecanRolls

3,346 Baklava were donated with a very specific condition that they cannot be sold for any value less than 298.926849879 buns.

You might wonder why that is? Well, I was provided with this screenshot as proof that the value of 1 Baklava is equal to 298.926849879 StickyBuns.

Indisputable proof that 1 BAKL = 298 BUNS 

I was not sure if that meant the Baklava can only be traded for StickyBuns or if another currency could be accepted as long as it had a market value equal to or greater than 298.926849879 buns.

It turns out that other currencies can be traded within the terms of this agreement which is fantastic.

There is a slight problem because there is not currently a reliable place to source the price of StickyBuns from. I may need to hold most of the Baklava until StickyBuns is listed on an exchange such as Once that occurs I could use the latest market value at the end of the previous business day - this calculation might involve a few currency conversions.

You might be able to tell that I'm taking this agreement with the PecanRolls team very seriously. That's because the process is good practice for later on if I start to participate in OTC trades with the whales. currently hosts the following offer of StickyBuns for XCH.

If this particular trade were to be fulfilled we could use the value of this to calculate the value of the Baklava stash due to the predetermined minimum price as part of the agreement.

This would value 1 BAKL at 0.002331629429 XCH and therefore the stash of 3,346 BAKL at 7.8016320694340004 XCH.

This trade has not gone through yet so it is not certain that this is the true value. Also there is the small issue that the rate of Baklava to Buns is being determined by a screenshot of a calculator - but I digress.

Current portfolio breakdown

I almost forgot to mention that 0.01 USDS was sold for 0.000111111111 XCH on Keybase. That was exciting for about 24 seconds before everything else happened.

CAT Amount Description
SBX 967 Meme coin that promises to be galactic internet money
LKY8 500 Meme coin with a lower supply than Spacebucks
ROSE 25 Platform token developed by Chives
XIP 2,000,000 A coin that "has absolutely no monetary value"
CSHP 837 The more exclusive cousin of CryptoShibe Gold
BAKL 3,346 Part of the future PecanRolls ecosystem.
XCH 1.000111111111 The rails for the internet of markets

Trade offers

100 Baklava are available for 30,000 StickyBuns - this falls within the terms of the legally binding agreement made with PecanRolls. Right now you will not be able to source Baklava from anywhere else.

100 BAKL for 30,000 BUNS

As always, I'm open to any trade offers sent to or on twitter!

Update: Somebody has claimed the Baklava!

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