0.01 USD obtained. 999,999.99 to go!

The offer posted in the last blog post of 333 LKY8 for 0.01 USDS was accepted. This is an important step forwards as I have now secured something with a clear value.

CryptoShibe also reached out on twitter and offered 1337 $CSHP in exchange for 100 $TMJV.

This actually pointed out a bug on several of the CAT related sites (including my own) where $MJV was labelled as $TMJV. This is probably a mistake from one of the sites as it migrated from testnet to mainnet that got copied to all the other sites.

Unfortunately I do not own any $MJV yet so am not ready take up this offer. I think it could be a good deal as it would be the first CryptoShibe Platinum ever released and as mentioned in a previous post they do have plans going forwards that could lead somewhere interesting.

Marmot mania

There are frequent reports of Marmot coin selling for $10k and possibly even $100k (unconfirmed) of XCH.

I do believe that Marmot coin will hold up well over the long-term but suspect we could also be in a Marmot bubble.

There are currently just 70 Marmot coin in circulation and the issuance of new coins has (possibly only temporarily) been halted. If the price holds at $10k and the offer of a $MRMT for a $100 donation to the Marmot Recovery Foundation re-opens that would create a lucrative arbitrage opportunity that could lead to a lot of donations as well as a rapidly increasing supply. If this happens and a crash occurs I will be waiting on the sidelines to try to buy the dip.

Current portfolio breakdown

CAT Amount Description
SBX 967 Meme coin that promises to be galactic internet money
LKY8 500 Meme coin with a lower supply than Spacebucks
ROSE 25 Platform token developed by Chives
USDS 0.01 USD Stablecoin from Stably

This is a 10,000,000,000% increase in value within the first 24 hours which is... unsustainable and only possible as the amounts being traded are extremely small. 100% per day seems like a more realistic target for the next 1-2 weeks..

Trade offers

0.01 USDS for 250 MJV - a very fair offer compared to prices on hash.green
5 ROSE for 100 MJV - for those looking to get into ROSE

As always, I am open to any trade offers sent to 1mojo@pm.me or on twitter!

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